Thank you for visiting us!  While you're here, take a moment and get to know a little about us, and our mission to bring people together from all walks of life and backgrounds who desire to worship, fellowship and grow together without having to pretend like we have it all together.

We're an out of the box, non-traditional, non-denominational and multi-cultural ministry with a passion for meeting people where they are.  Through practical, relevant and uncluttered bible teaching, we are faithful to building relationships with God and, encouraging and empowering God's people to walk in victory.

Rediscover church and experience the Unconditional Love, Radical Hospitality and Genuine Humility at Abundant Life Ministries.

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Abundant Life Center, A Global Vision, A Local Mission

The Abundant Life Center

We are excited and humbled by the vision that God has given to us minister to the whole person in church, in community and around the world through  the Abundant Life Center Campus in Oakland, CA.  To learn more about this awesome move of God and how you can become a Life Center Partner, Click Here