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We are so humbled by and thankful for the grace that God has given to us to share God’s vision with the world. We are passionate about encouraging and empowering people from all walks of life through the hope, healing and power of the uncluttered word of God.  Together with Patrick Weaver Ministries, we are a global ministry with a local mission to change lives in church, in community and around the world.

A New Church For A New Day...Abundant Life Ministries is a movement for all people who love and desire a closer relationship with God, who desire to worship and grow together without having to pretend like we have it all together, and who desire practical biblical truth for powerful living.  We're devoted to ministering to the whole person and, providing dynamic and anointed resources for navigating life's challenges and opportunities.
We are a non-traditional, non-denominational church with a passion for meeting people where they are, ministering to the whole person and growing from the practical application of the Word of God.
God's vision for His people has not changed, and we are faithful to God's plan for salvation, growth, healing and power -- Ephesians 4:2-32.  At Abundant Life Ministries it's all about the people, and Our Mission is to fulfill God's vision through thoughtful, empowering ministries in Church, in Community and around the World. 
God  wants a relationship with His people without walls or obstructions, and at Abundant Life Ministries the Word of God comes alive through compassionate teaching, relevant messages, uncluttered Truth and genuine concern.  And we love to have fun, laugh and be transparent in the Lord!
"It's not enough for  us to simply go to church, we have to become better, be empowered and be transformed as a result of the experience.  God commanded us to come together as believers for a reason (Hebrews 10:24, 25), and it is for this reason that we don't "Play Church," we do power.  God  didn't call us to fit in, God called us to stand out, and at Abundant Life Ministries the Word of God stands out as the reason, purpose and power for coming together."
-- Pastor Patrick

God has called us to a Global Vision with a local mission.  For more information about the future of Abundant Life Ministries Church and the launch of the Abundant Life Center, Click Here


Abundant Life Ministries Church Without Walls is a qualified IRS Section 501C3 Organization