Abundant Life Ministries Church News

Celebrate Recovery Meetings

Abundant Life Ministries will be hosting Celebrate Recovery Meetings.  Celebrate Recovery is a celebration of life through the open, honest and spirit lead group discussion about the mental, emotional and spiritual trials that one desires to overcome. 

Celebrate recovery is not a class or a lecture, it is a group discussion and support in a safe environment for healing and wholeness.  Mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse victims are encouraged to come out and together with other survivors, share, heal and celebrate your road to recovery.

Abundant Life Center Launch Teams

Abundant Life Ministries Church has accepted the call to plant a global, nondenominational, multi-cultural ministry in Oakland, CA.  God has given us an aggressive and comprehensive vision for impactful ministries in church, in community and around the world.  Our mission is to minister to minister to the whole person, build healthy families and support the needs of our community. 

The Abundant Life Center is not just a church, it's a hub of ministry resources, services and programs that inspires and instills within people the desire to fulfill their God given potential in life with a sense of purpose, dignity, responsibility and destiny.

Why another church? The work of the church is to holistically build up God's people and to save the lost.  Purpose driven churches are needed today now more than ever.  Every ministry has a compassion and a vision from God, and through the Abundant Life Center we are fulfilling the purpose of God's church with innovative, progressive and anointed ministries that minister to people from all walks of life, backgrounds and conditions.

Through prayer and patience, we are preparing for a implement God's vision and we invite you to consider being apart of what God is getting ready to do in this region through the Abundant Life Center. 

A  move of God is made possible by gifted and committed volunteers.  We are prayerfully seeking God's divine guidance for dedicated followers of Christ to answer the call to be a part of this awesome move of God.  If you desire to be a part of a dynamic, anointed move of God, we ask that you prayerfully consider lending your gifts, talents and time for a new church for a new day.  Launch Team volunteers that we are seeking include the below. 

Ministries Ministries Pastoral Care Operations
Sanctuary Singles Ministry Crisis Counseling Media/Broadcasting
Security Couples Ministry Celebrate Recovery Web/Internet/Mobile
Hospitality Youth Ministry Bereavement Graphic Design
Praise Team Children's Ministry Community Outreach Community Awareness
Music Young Adult Ministry Sick and Shut in Communications
Praise Dance Intercession Member Programs Administration
Alter Life Study/Bible Study Member Services Community Events
Finance Student Ministry Guest Relations Grant Administrator
Audio/Video Creative Arts Baptismal Project Planning


To learn more about Abundant Life Center, Click Here or visit us for Sunday service at 11:15AM and meet our Pastor.  To submit a volunteer request, Click Here.