Our Mission

 Our Mission is simple: Honor God, Grow Together and Reach the World.  

Abundant Life Ministries is committed to a theology of thoughtful answers, personal growth and a holistic sensitivity to the pains and needs of the people of God. 

Abundant Life Ministries is a fun, supportive, non-traditional bible based ministry with a passion for uncluttered truth, meeting people where they are and welcoming people to come as they are.

As God's church, we must value honesty and embrace questioning as a valid tool for spiritual growth. We must embrace curiosity, the ability to express doubts and, the need for God’s people to tell and heal their story without fear of being judged.

We must diligently cultivate an environment of oneness and genuinely welcome people from all walks of life.  We must encourage, build up and equip each other through:

  • RADICAL HOSPITALITY: You are unconditionally loved and welcomed just as you are. Provide a compassionate and nurturing environment for healing and growth.

  • FEARLESS CONVERSATION: Your thoughts, your doubts and your questions are welcome. Information without application prevents revelation. 

  • GENUINE HUMILITY: We’re all in this together. Our purpose for gathering together is to build up, sharpen, empower and equip each other for love and good works. 

  • DIVINE ANTICIPATION: God’s Truth holistically, transparently and meaningfully applied to power for loving, living and serving.