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Our History

The vision for Abundant Life Ministries was birthed in May of 2010 and after much prayer and planning, Pastor Patrick embarked on a mission  to align the vision for Abundant Life Ministries with a plan to reach, teach and empower people from all walks of life through the practical application  of the hope, healing and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In January of 2013, the vision plan for Abundant Life Ministries was confirmed and the inspiration for "Church Without Walls," was formalized.  Church Without Walls embodies the vision and mission of Abundant Life Ministries to be a movement of people who love God, who desire practical and relevant teaching that ministers to the whole person, and who desire to worship together without having to pretend like they have it all together.   A church for people from all walks of life, backgrounds and religious experiences who share a common desire to grow, love and impact the world around us.   (To read more about what we believe, Click Here).

In May of 2014, Patrick Weaver Ministries and Abundant Life Ministries Church Without Walls was launched.  In July of 2014, after being inspired by members and lead by God, ALMCWW moved into it's first location at the Phillip Reeder Auditorium, Castlemont High School in Oakland, CA.   

The ALMCWW Life Center campus continues our vision to provide impact ministries, services, programs and outreach ministries beyond the Sunday worship experience.  To read more about the ALMCWW Life Center, Click Here.

"Church is not simply a place where we go to out of guilt or tradition but rather a place where lives are transformed by the hope, healing and power of the uncluttered gospel message of Jesus Christ.  ALMCWW is an encouragement and teaching ministry with a vision to minister to the whole person, genuinely meet people where they are and, build healthy families and communities."

ALMCWW is a ministry for and about the people.  Through charismatic, compassionate and dynamic leadership of Pastor Patrick and the dedication of member partners, ALMCWW is committed to making a difference by being the difference.  


ALMCWW is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in church, in community and around the world.  ALMCWW is reaching beyond the walls of the church through innovative and new ways to minister to the needs of people. Through outreach programs, workshops, conferences, online ministry, an overwhelming presence on social media and broadcasts, ALMCWW and Patrick Weaver Ministries is makinng a difference in the lives of millions.




Understanding there is still much work to be done, ALMCWW has accepted the call to be a Life Center.  Our mission to holistically repair, strengthen and build up individuals, families and communities, and impact lives in church, in community and around the world, inspires the vision and plan for the ALMCWW Life Center.   

To learn more about the Life Center, click below:

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Stand With Us To Make A Difference

Through the financial support of friends, supporters and members, ALMCWW is able to reach more and do more. If you would like to take a stand with us to impact lives, prayerfully consider sowing into our ministry.  ALMCWW is good ground and together we can make a difference.

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Abundant Life Ministries Church Without Walls is a qualified IRS Section 501(c)(3) Organization

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