A New Church Plant In Oakland, CA

Architect selected for the Life Center: Barnes DG

Abundant Life Ministries Church is humbled and exited about the vision God has given to us to plant a church in Oakland, CA.  We believe that church is not just a place where people go to on Sunday but a Life Center that ministers to the needs of the whole person.

We are a global ministry with a vision for our community that we believe God has prepared for a time such as this. Through dynamic and practical bible teaching, and God's heart for the unsaved, the unchurched and the hurting, the Life Center campus in Oakland, CA is God's vision for church without walls.

The mission of the Life Center Campus is to glorify God by making a difference by being the difference.  Through the grace of God, a dedicated team of volunteers and the financial support of friends and partners from around the world, we will repurpose an existing 60,000 square foot vacant building in Oakland, CA into a state of the art Life Center Campus, which will be home to the Abundant Life Ministries Church and over 50 Life Center Outreach Ministries.  The Life Center will also serve as a local, regional and national venue for faith-based conferences, workshops and classes, and performing arts programs.

Meeting The Needs of Community

Life Center Core Ministries are the heart and soul of our vision for ministering to the whole person and serving the community. God gives every ministry a compassion and an assignment beyond the walls of the church, and we believe that God has called us to the lost, the broken, the hurting, the abused and the marginalized. 

Why God Called Us To Oakland

In the city of Oakland, Alameda County, there is a great work for the Kingdom of God.  There are roughly 415,000 residents in the city of Oakland, 1,700,000 residents in the county of Alameda, and more than 60% of the community is unchurched.

The needs are great and the demand for holistic ministry must be met.  We believe that the work of the church is critical to building healthy families and community, and we have accepted the call to stand along side local churches, marketplace leaders and organizations, and local government in the City of Oakland to impact lives through the hope, healing and power of Jesus Christ. 

We believe that a community cannot heal without the healing of the people, families and fractures within community.  Every community is God's community, and we believe that God's vision for an Abundant Life Center in the city of Oakland fulfills God's plan and purpose for the church.

Life Center Core Ministries

Life Center Core Ministries provide comprehensive programs, resources and services to disrupt patterns and minister to core needs in church and in community. Life Center Core Ministries inspire and instill within people the desire to fulfill their God given potential in life with a sense of purpose, dignity, responsibility and destiny.

Through over 50 life changing outreach ministries including education, faith based group and individual counseling, crisis intervention, life skills training, job skills training, self-development and advocacy, Core Ministries form the foundation for the vision of the Life Center. 

Through ELEVATE LIFE, the Life Center will provide faith-based advocacy in support of social justice and economic empowerment for the marginalized, under served and underrepresented groups within community.   Abundant Hope provides support and advocacy for mental illness victims and their families. 

Abundant Life Ministries Church, Life Center Core Ministries, ELEVATE LIFE and Abundant Hope minister to the whole person, serve community and honors God through the Life Center.


Become A Life Center Partner

A Kingdom vision is made possible through the financial support of friends and partners.  The Abundant Life Center is a life changing vision for the Kingdom of God, and we are prayerful that you will take a stand with us to make a difference by being the difference.

Financial donations can be made online through our secure online giving portal with credit card, debit card or check.  To learn more about becoming a Life Center Giving Partner, click below.